Woods Walker Folding Titanium Tent Wood Stove Portable Ultra-Light 6.5Lbs Heater

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  • During winter camping, people no longer have to suffer cold nights inside a tent. Our titanium fast folding tent stove allows you to travel light, while providing good heat source and cooking function. The stove also has dual windows, side rack and wood drying basket that set itself apart from other stoves.

  • Current version already upgraded with damper.

  • Folding size: 15x9x2.5 inches

    Assemble size: 15x14x11inches

    Chimney length: 7.85 ft

    Ultra-light Weight: 7.8lbs

    Material: Titanium


    1.      Current Version is upgraded with damper. 

    2.        Ultra-light: Easy to carry for backpackers.   

    3.        Dual window: Able to see real fire, also act as light source during the night.

    4.        Side rack: Extra space to place water kettle or cooking pan.

    5.        Wood drying basket: Place wet wood into heated basket to dry up the wood faster.

    6.        Mini Sauna: People can create sauna steam by pouring water on top of heated stones.

    7.        Side warmer: Stones can store heat and act as a secondary warmer.

    8.        Includes carry bag.

    9.        Patent pending 2020      


  •   Fast folding: No loose parts, quick to setup.