Winch Cable Hook Stopper for ATV UTV Winches Winch Bump Stop ATV Winch Rope

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Winch Cable Hook Stopper for ATV UTV Winches Winch Bump Stop ATV Winch Rope
This hook stopper is for the ATV and UTV Winch. The winch will fit between the two outside rollers on an ATV or UTV winch fairlead. Works well with synthetic rope or slot fairlead. This Winch stopper stops wear and tear on your rollers from the hook. No more hook clatter going down the trails. It protects the winch motor and gears from pulling the cable in too far and bottoming out on the rollers. The winch stopper keeps tension on the hook to eliminate the cable from becoming too loose. Not only can you damage your rope, but you can also damage the sliding surfaces on your fairlead. This means that the next time you use it, your rope will be sliding across a marred surface which will snag it, cut it, and wear it down. Nobody wants that to happen.

MATERIAL - This item is made out of rubber. The screws are covered with zinc which helps prevent oxidation and corrosion. This winch stopper is durable and waterproof as well.
FITTING - Fits ATV and UTV winches.
ROPE - This winch is compatible with steel or synthetic rope.
PROTECTION - Protects your hawse and fairleads from dents and rattles. It also keeps tension on the hook to prevent the cable from loosening.

This item works with:
    Steel roller fairleads
    Aluminum hawse fairleads
    Steel cables
    Synthetic ropes
    1 winch cable hook stopper
    4 solid iron screws (screws are covered in zinc for extra protection)
    1 Allen wrench