QCC1 Regulator Valve Propane Refill Adapter for Steel Propane Cylinder 1 LB US

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Safest QCC1 Regulator Valve Propane Refill Adapter

Enhance and Simplify Your Outdoor Cooking Life
Onlyfire propane refill adapter works great for refilling 1 lb propane cylinders for your portable grills, heaters, torches, etc.

1 x QCC1 regulator valve 
- Built in safety feature that will ensure you NEVER over-fill your smaller tank 
- Safest and easy to refill in seconds with NO TOOLS required 
- This adapter will allow you to use a small 1 LB propane cylinder with your standard BBQ Grill 
- Great for tailgaters, caterers, campers and anyone that cooks on the grill/has cookouts.


There are instructions with this adapter.
1: Put your empty 1 lb cylinders in a freezer for a couple of hours.
2: Attach the coupler to your propane tank (5-40 lb tank).
3: Attach your 1 lb tank (fresh from the freezer) to the adapter.
4: Pick up your large tank and turn it upside down and rest it securely on the corner of your picnic table.
5: Open the propane valve and shut it off when the flow of liquid propane stops.
6: Turn everything right side up and remove the 1 lb cylinder.
7: Repeat as necessary.




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