Propane Refill Adapter Gas Cylinder Tank Coupler Heater for Camping Cooking BBQ

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100% brand new and high quality

Built Heavier, Bigger, and Safer than others on the Market.

Solid Brass Construction makes it CORROSION RESISTANT .

It pays for itself after only several uses. You'll never have to buy another tank again.

Soft nose POL; Fits all one pound tanks and Easily Refill one pound bottles

Built in safety feature that will ensure you NEVER over-fill your smaller tank. The adapter automatically cuts off gas flow when pressure is reached. Has Soft Nose POL (rubber ring allows for proper seal)



Due to the highly flammable gases, you MUST be outdoors to refill your 1 lb cylinder tank. Stay clear of flames and sparks.

For maximum filling, place your cylinder tank in the freezer for up to 30 mins before filling it. 

1.Shut valve to BBQ propane tank. 

2.Insert nose tip of the adapter into a 20 to 40 lbs BBQ propane tank fill connection. 

3.Turn the adapter counter clockwise to a tight fit. 

4.Screw in the 1 lb cylinder propane tank clockwise into the adapter. 

5.Turn BBQ tank upside down then open BBQ tank valve. 

6.You will begin to hear the propane gas transferring into the 1 lb cylinder tank. 

7.The regulator valve in the adapter will automatically cut off the flow of gas when a certain pressure is reached to avoid overfilling so sit back and allow it to fill on it's own. 

8. When no more sound is coming from the tank, simply shut the BBQ valve and remove the 1 lb propane cylinder tank.



The adapter with male soft nose P.O.L.and female 1''×20 throwaway cylinder thread.

Connect appliance with 20lb to 40lb refillable propane cylinder(To use Adaptor to Refill 1 LB. Cylinders from 20-40 LB. Tank)

Model: LC004

Material: Brass

Length: Approx. 55mm

Easily screws in place and works perfectly


Package Includes: 

1 x Propane Tank Refill Adaptor 

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