Propane Refill Adapter Fill 1 Pound Bottles from 20Lb LP Gas Tank Camping Heater

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Propane Refill Adapter Lp Gas 1 Lb Cylinder Tank Coupler Heater Bottles Brass

Product Description

The propane adapter that allows you to refill small disposable propane tanks with your larger 20 or 50lb bbq propane tank. Great for ice fishermen, mountain men, outdoorsmen, and all campers and power outages .



 Durable and non-leakageBuilt-In Safety Feature Which Restricts Overflow -The adapter automatically cuts off gas flow when pressure is reached. You'll never have to buy another tank a gain - This adapter allows you to refill your 1 lb cylinder tank.

Overcharge protection Built-in safety function can detect the capacity of supplementary gas. Our propane supplementary adapter will automatically cut off the gas flow to prevent the tank from being overfilled.

Universal type Can be used to refill 1 pound cylinders. And the tip of the nose can be connected to a propane tank of 20 to 40 pounds.

Easy to installOur adapters are equipped with standard nose and threaded connectors at both ends. Quick connection and installation, no tools required.

A well-considered protective cover equipped with a high-density soft rubber cover, which can protect the tip of the nose from dust, water and any other unnecessary damage to extend its service life.


Important note:

Always start with an empty cylinder.
This item is for personal use only.
Before refilling, cool the smaller empty 1 pound cylinder in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes (for best filling results). At room temperature (never exceed 85°f) there is a larger water tank.

Mounting skills:
* Connect the left side threaded lug of the adapter to the fuel tank.
* Attach the right-hand threaded cap of the adapter to the 1 pound cylinder (tighten by hand).
* Turn the 1 pound cylinder and fuel tank upside down.
* Open the valve on the tank for a few minutes until you can no longer hear the sound of propane transmission. Then close the valve.
* Return the 1 pound cylinder and fuel tank to an upright position.
* Disconnect the smaller 1 pound cylinder first.
* Check for leaks in the 1 pound cylinder: place a small amount of ½ liquid soap and ½ aqueous solution on the cylinder opening and safety valve. If bubbles appear, discard the smaller cylinder in a safe area.