Portable Toilet 5.3 Gallon 20L Flush Travel Camping Outdoor Indoor Commode Potty

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5.3 gallon portable toilet is designed for camping, RVing, boating or any other recreational activity. It is also great as an emergency option on long car rides.
This high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free operation and discharge.
Molded tanks are made from high strength PP material to prevent leakage.
This portable toilet is convenient to use, clean, water saving and odorless.
The 5.3 gallon holding tank is detachable and includes a sealing slide valve to lock in odors and protect against leakage. It includes two side latches to secure the tank to the toilet and a carrying handle for easy transport.
On the top of the toilet, there is a cap that can be removed to fill the flush tank with clean water.

Product size: 44 * 34 * 43cm / 17.32" * 13.39 "* 16.93"
cushion width: 33.5cm / 13.2"
cushion internal size: 22.5 * 25.5cm / 8.86" * 10.04 "
product weight: 4.05kg/8.93lb