LED Work Light Magnetic USB Rechargeable Portable Camping Lamp Torch Flashlight

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【Power display】The product has a side power indicator, and the power display light lets you know the remaining power to prevent sudden power failure.
【Fast charging technology】Built-in lithium battery, USB smart fast direct charge for 3 hours.
【Strong magnetic adsorption】There is a strong magnet at the bottom, which can be glued to the iron surface.
【Hook lock】 The base frame can be turned into a hook, which can be hung in many places or worn on the body.
【Red and blue warning lights】equipped with red and blue alternating lights, which can be used as warning lights
【Super bright】T6 bright wick, strong light endurance for 3-5 hours, COB bright panel, strong penetrating power, dual-lamp design, long-lasting battery life, pressure and drop resistance.
【Four levels of brightness adjustment】spotlight-strong, floodlight-strong, floodlight-weak, red and blue flashing.
【Floodlight mode】 The maximum distance is about 300 meters, the illumination angle is 30°, and the illumination area is about 50 square meters.
【Spotlight mode】The maximum distance is about 800 meters.
【Features】 High brightness, illuminating the area of ​​the light source, better coping with fog, rain and wild environment with lush grass and woods.
Wick T6+LED*38
Material ABS+Nylon
Size About 11x4.5cm (4.33x1.77inch)
Weight 200g
Charging method USB charging
Charging time 3 hours
Battery capacity Built-in 2200 mAh battery
Endurance time 3-5 hours
Power Display Side Power Display
Mode 4 Types (Spotlight-Strong, Floodlight-Strong, Floodlight-Weak, Red And Blue Flashing)
Waterproof Life Waterproof
Battery Capacity Built-in 2200 mAh Battery
1*LED Light