Intake Snorkels For Toyota 4Runner 2017 2018 TOP Quality

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For Desert intake Snorkels Fit For 2017 2018 toyota 4Runner TOP Quality.

Suitable For Fit For 2017 2018 toyota  4Runner model Only.

Material: LLDPE material


Installation method: cover opening installation

Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Installation position: empty filter element box

Application: provide the intake height of automobile engine, which can effectively protect the engine.


Functions of waders:

1. Raise the wading height, no dead Angle in cross-country.

2. Help the engine work and absorb air more fully.


Functions and functions of the product:

1. Effectively prevent sand and dust

2. Increase wading height and air intake probability.

3. Improve vehicle power, increase power, reduce fuel consumption.

4. Effective anti-collision and anti-crushing.


Wading equipment:

1. Currently, there are two kinds of fiberglass and plastic in China, and the toughness of fiberglass is much worse.

2. Our company adopts brand new imported LLDPE materials for plastic PE materials.Installation location:  right  sides .

Our advantages:

1. Professional design and development team with years of production experience.

2. Most of the mechanized industrial production is completed by machinery, which makes the precision of products better and the installation more convenient and quick.

3. The quality is guaranteed.

4. New imported ABS material is formed by vacuum molding. The products made from the new material are more beautiful and have longer quality.