Emergency TENT Survival Folding Camping Rescue Reflective Shelter Blanket Bag

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Emergency Tent Survival Folding Camping Rescue Reflective Shelter Blanket Bag 8ft X 4ft.


Material: PET(aluminum plating film)
Size: When Unfolded 8ft. X 5ft.  240*150*90cm
Color: Silver
This product is a general emergency lifesaving product, which can be used in field exploration, investigation, tourism and disaster.
Easy to carry, compact, beautiful, practical. Small, affordable (years of storage) are useful at critical times.
How to use it?
Open the folded tents on a flat on the ground, will the attached nylon rope through the inside the tent, will be on both ends of the rope to trees or other fixed position, the bottom of the tent can be held on with something heavy in a fixed position.
1. Can reflect more than 80% of the human body heat, can be wrapped up in an emergency to avoid body temperature loss.
2. Anti-wind, rainproof and reflective, easy to attract the attention of rescue personnel.
3. Small, light, easy to carry and reusable.
4. Small Package, easily store in Car Trunk..