Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit for Ford F350 F250 F150 V8 5.0L 5.8L DC12V 8233

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Brand new

Part Numer:8233

Fit For: Ford Bronco Mustang F150 F250 F350 E150 E25

Chevrolet Suburban C1500 C2500 C3500 GMC K1500

Replaces dealer part numbers: DR374, DR374A, DR374B, E5TE-12200-AA, E5TE12200AA, E5TE-12200-BA, E5TE12200BA, E5TZ-12200-A, E5TZ12200A, E5TZ-12200-B, E5TZ12200B, E6TE-12200-DA, E6TE12200DA, E6TZ-12200-F, E6TZ12200F, 12329676, F426, 38542189, D7AE12106AA, D7AE 12106 AA, DH411B, DH411BDP, DH411DP, DHE411, E2ZE12106AD7AZ12106A, D7AZ 12106 A, DH3221, DH366, DH411, DH411A, A, E2ZE 12106 AA, E2ZZ12106A, E2ZZ 12106 A, E5TE12106AA, E5TE 12106 AA, E5ZE12106AA, E5ZE 12106 AA, E5ZZ12106A, E5ZZ 1210 6A, E6TZ12106A, E6TZ 12106 A, F3TZ12106A, F3TZ 12106 A, F5ZZ12106AA, F5ZZ 12106 AA

Direct replacement

100% factory tested

Contact Terminal Material: Brass
Distributor Cap Color
: Gray

Cap Attachment Style: Screw Down

Plug Wire Retainer: No
: Sold as a kit.
Rotor Included
: Yes