Cal Van Master in Line Double & Bubble Flaring Tool Set W Tube Cutter 165

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The Inline flaring tool's unique design locks the adapters, cone and tube in a perfect line making perfect factory flares every time with less risk of breaking adapters.
With the clamp and set screws putting pressure directly over the tube you greatly reduce the chance of the tube slipping from the clamp. Also, this increases the overall life of the clamp by not wearing down the teeth inside from repeated slipping.
The slender low profile design of this tool allows the user to make flares on the vehicle and in tight spaces. Flares can be achieved along frame rails or areas in the engine compartment, saving the user time from having to remove components or complete lines to make repairs.
Set includes everything needed to do the following:
3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" Double and Single Flares
4.75 mm, 6mm, 8mm Double, Bubble and Single Flares
Made in USA With Domestic and Global Materials
The include instructions must be followed to avoid damaging your tool:
Tubing must be cut off square, burrs removed, and edges chamfered before flaring.
Not for use on stainless steel or other hardened or alloy steels.
Do not use wrench or socket to tighten yoke onto clamping base. 
Threads must be aligned, Do not force tighten.
Damaged threads or tools used on hardened steels do not qualify for returns.