BBQ Barbecue Grill Large Folding Portable Charcoal Stove Outdoor Camping Garden

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BBQ Barbecue Grill Large Folding Portable Charcoal Stove Outdoor Camping Garden


Portable : the barbecue oven not only has foldable legs, but also is small, and is especially portable. The folding legs are deployed to support the grill in a triangular mode to make the grill more stable.

Easy to use: The grill doesn't need to be installed. When you're barbecuing outside, you just need to put down the folding legs to start barbecuing.

Give you a leisurely life: Great for most occasion such as hiking,camping,picnic,garden/backyard party,indoor party ect.Enjoy your burgers, fish, steak, hot dogs, corn,meal of filet mignon on the portable charcoal grill grate,you will never regret for your choice.

Safe materials: 430 stainless steel can play a role of rust-proof, heat-resistant, non-deformable, with the characteristics of safety, health, non-toxic smoke

Design:It is designed with ventilation holes at both ends of the grill so that air flow can be easily controlled and heat is evenly distributed on the grill. Barbecue grill grids can be removed clean, very convenient, Super perfect for 3-5 people bbq party


Product description

Size:small 14''x11''x8''


on weekends and holidays, or when you want to eat delicious barbecue, 

you can ask your family and friends to barbecue in the yard or in the park with a light barbecue. 

When camping or traveling outdoors, you can take it with you for barbecue at any time.

You can also bask in the sun and smell the fragrant roast meat on the beach. 

Barbecue is an indispensable leisure activity in the four seasons. In the summer, 

you can take a light barbecue and have a picnic in the shade of the shade. It is so funny to watch kids fly kites and eat fragrant barbecue. 

In the winter, you can call friends and families to held a party, 

the barbecue grille out of the warm heat, and grilled delicious barbecue, it is an ideal life.



Solid iron support + Chrome plated BBQ wire mesh 


Unfolded Product Dimensions :14''x11''x8'' 

Folded Product Dimensions : 13.77''x9.4''x2.36'' 

Product weight: 3.53 lb 

Color: Black


Package include:

1X Portable barbecue grill