Arcturus All-Weather Waterproof Outdoor Survival Blanket - 5’ X 7’

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Arcturus All-Weather Waterproof Outdoor Survival Blanket - 5’ X 7’

Arcturus Survival Blankets are a survivalist's staple, offering a waterproof finish and a thermal reflective backing which reflects up to 90% of body heat. Reinforced corners and grommets provide solid strength in true outdoor conditions, and the included carry bag allows you to pack your wet or dirty survival blanket away while keeping the rest of your pack clean and dry. 

ALL WEATHER BLANKET: This unique blanket features a Mylar reflective side which can be used to reflect heat, create a radiant barrier or signal for help. The other side is made of a two layers of polypropylene, which can be used as a blanket, tarp or shelter.

MANY USES: Can be used as a ground tarp, shelter, tent or emergency blanket when camping, hunting, backpacking or boating. Keep one in the trunk of your car.

LIGHTWEIGHT: This blanket weighs less than a pound and will travel lightly in your backpack. It comes in its own carry bag. The blanket measures 60" x 82" (Approx. 5 ft x 7ft)

SUPER VERSATILE: Reflects heat, waterproof, windproof, compact, lightweight and durable.

4 REINFORCED TIE-DOWN GROMMETS: With grommets on all four corners, you can easily hang or secure it to reflect or deflect heat or create a waterproof barrier.

CHOOSE FROM 6 COLORS: Choose from Coyote Brown, Olive Green, Blue, Orange, Black, or Woodland Camo.