7 Way Blade & 4 Pin 6 Function Light Tester for RV Truck Trailer Socket Circuit

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7 Way Blade & 4 Pin 6 Function Light Tester For RV Truck Trailer Socket Circuit


Use this tester to check if 12V power from the tow vehicle is reaching the trailer's tow plug. This tester also indicates if the vehicle's tow circuit is properly configured.

  • Easy and quick to test trailer circuits on most trucks.
  • Heavy duty nylon housing.
  • Bright LED indicator lights.
  • Tests 6 separate trailer light functions: turn, brake, tail, stop, reverse and 12V.
  • Works with both the common 7 way AND 4 pin trailer plug used on most SUV's, trucks, boats, trailers and RV's.
  • Tester can check all your trailer light circuits on your vehicle.
  • Confirm you have the 12 volt power supply (often needed to charge camper batteries or operate interior lights on cargo trailers) which often blow fuses.
  • Also checks your truck electric brake controller.
  • If the LED lights light up on this plug, you know it is not the vehicle.
  • Easy To Use
    • Plug tester into tow vehicle's towing plug
    • Operate vehicle's turn signals, lights and breaks
    • When power is present, the tester's green LED will glow.
  • Tester Key:
    • LT - Left Turn Signal / Left Brake Light
    • TM - Tail / Marker Lights
    • RT - Right Turn Signal / Right Brake Light
    • 12V - Power to Trailer
    • BK - Electric Brakes
    • BU - Back Up or Auxiliary
  • Tips:
    • If LEDs are dim or flicker, check for loose or corroded ground wire.
    • To test the tester, use 12V battery charger to determine if LEDs power up.