2007-2020 Tundra Bed Mat CrewMax 5.5' Short Bed Genuine Toyota PT580-34070-SB

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2007-2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 5.5 FT. Bed PT580-34070-SB




Product Description
  • Genuine Toyota Tundra - Bed Mat - 5.5 FT Bed PT580-34070-SB
  • Custom-molded, heavy weight bed mat helps protect truck and cargo
  • Provides superior abrasion resistance and tear strength for durable truck bed protection
  • Pebble finish helps minimize shifting of cargo
  • Raised angled ribs ease cargo loading/unloading
  • Knobby underside promotes aeration and drainage to keep truck bed dry and help prevent rust and mildew
  • Manufactured from a high-strength, cord-enhanced rubber compound
  • Tested to help safeguard against fading, rusting, cracking or breaking—even in extreme temperatures


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