2 Pack USB Rechargeable Waterproof LED Headlamp Headlight Head Light Flashlight

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Built-in Battery LED Strong Headlight Outdoor USB Charging Work Light


  • Long and near dual light source design: the main light source XPE strong light wick, with COB high-brightness auxiliary light, the distance and near dual light and one lamp are multi-purpose
  • Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, super large capacity, to ensure overnight lighting time
  • Charge for 5 minutes, standby for 24 hours
  • USB smart flash charging, super high current USB fast charging, strong high current, compatible with multiple charging methods
  • 90° stepless angle adjustment, convenient to control the lighting angle, to meet the needs of various lighting environments
  • Battery: 18650 built-in lithium battery
  • Brightness: 990W XPE/890W COB
  • Battery life: 2-24 hours (depending on the package)
  • Material: ABS hard engineering plastic
  • Gear position: two-speed dimming + stepless dimming
  • Charging: USB fast flash charging
  • Range: about 300 meters

Package Content:

  • 2x strong headlight

  • 2xUSB charging cable