110' Feet Snare / Trip Wire Green 22 Gauge Camping Hunting Survival Trip Alarms

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Brand New
1 Roll of Snare / Trip Wire
110' Feet
All one Length
22 Gauge
Green, to blend in with the Forest Greens.
110' will make a 27.5' x 27.5' Square 
For a Safe Protected Area
That's a Large area.
The average Snare Wire Trap uses
3' to 5' of Wire
That's 22 (5') or  36 (3') Snares 
Tensile strength 9.77 kgf 
(Kilograms per Square Foot)
Is it strong enough to Trap Game? Yes
Is it strong enough for a Trip Wire? Yes
Perfect Size for Trip Alarms (Not Included)
This 22 Gauge Wire is the Perfect Gauge Wire.
It's thick enough to Bend and stay in place yet
Pliable enough to easily bend and hold it's shape.
It's Reusable
Great for Animal Snare Wires and 
Trip Wire to Protect your Camp
Put in your Emergency Survival Back Pack
Also great garden wire