ATV Seat Repair Patch Kit

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ATV Seat Repair Patch Kit.

Peel and stick repair instantly! - Long lasting - basically two years have been tested and still no sign of repair patch failing!


Clean area to be patched and let area dry.
Peel away paper backing from patch.
Apply patch over outside of atv seat tear.
Apply additional patch over inside of atv seat tear for additional strength.

Kit Includes:

Two repair patches 3.75"x2.9".


Patches are peel and stick and are designed to be extremely flexible and long lasting. They are also stretchy so that when the atv seat stretches, they too stretch. They have industrial strength adhesive for a strong lasting hold. No drying time required!

Patches are thin so that their edges don't snag on things and get torn off. They have two layers - an adhesive transfer tape layer for waterproofing and adherence, and a Lycra fabric layer chosen for its excellent elasticity, tensile strength, flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, and glossy sheen.

This patch kit is not intended to make your tear magically go away. It merely improves the appearance and re-seals the surface. When time permits, you can invest in a sophisticated repair involving two-part epoxies, texture capture mold making, gluing on a backing fabric, applying a new surface layer and applying a texturing mapping onto that, airbrushing the entire area and blending it into the original surface, etc. Expect to spend a good day or two and good luck with that. This patch will get you by in the meantime and can be removed without leaving any sticky residue when you're ready to invest in a permanent repair job.

Patch Color: Black